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Sharing my unbiased reviews on grills, smokers and accessories. My thorough reviews will assist you find the ideal products to match your needs to help you become better in grilling. I’ll give you all the information you’ll need for getting the best offset smoker

A Few Grilling Tips For you

Charcoal over gas – I prefer charcoal than gas since charcoal gives a better flavor compared to gas

NEVER overcrowd the grill. There should be enough airflow for the meat to cook. A crowded grill will take too much time to cook the meat.

This is a no brainer. Always use a clean grill. I use my Steam Grill Brush to clean my grills.

Lastly, if you don’t have access to the latest grilling technology, I’ll share what I think is the best induction cooktop as a worthy alternative to any smoker.