Lynx professional 36-Inch built-in gas grill

It’s common knowledge that better grill performance equals better food quality. If you’re familiar with the lynx grills you’ll know that they are really expensive. But are they worth the money?

Well yes! When you’re considering buying a high-quality USA grill, lynx professional grill should be among the first on your list. Some would say that they’re the king of grills.

The lynx community recognizes that grilling should include enjoyment with family and friends in any season. They are known for their ability to turn food cooked on it into a masterpiece.

Among the best of the lynx grills is the new and improved Lynx professional 36-inch built-in gas grill. This brilliant grill combines innovative features, incomparable level of performance and superior design to create one of the most advanced there it is.

They are highly regarded for its features that include an incredible steel construction that has smooth welded joints and refined mirrored edges for a combination of style and durability that’ll stand up to a climate change.

Designed for professional-style grilling with ceramic burners that provides 25,000 BTU for extreme high heat output. The heat is evenly distributed while the ceramic radiant briquettes provide a charcoal-like infrared heat for a thrilling grilling experience.

With its capabilities and the endless high-end features, this grill can’t possibly fail to impress any cook, whether you’re a ‘weekend grilling at home’ cook or a professional looking for some R&R at home.

Features highlights

  • Trident infrared burner
  • Seamless welded construction
  • Heat stabilizing design
  • Expansive grilling surface
  • Rotisserie system
  • Smoker box
  • Integrated illumination

Overview of lynx professional 36-inch built-in gas grill

Reliable speed – The surface ignition system lights are efficient in that, it burns hot and safely in no time at all.

Precise power – Has a trident infrared burner plus two cast ceramic burners that combine to give off up to 73,000 BTU.

Perfect clarity – it has an integrated interior dual halogen grill surface lights that offer perfect visibility of the whole grilling surface that’s especially perfect during the late-night grilling session. There’s also a backlit LED control knob that provides an appealing enhancement to the smooth design for an overall contemporary look.

Slow-cooking excellence – There’s a dual- position rotisserie internally powered by a heavy duty three speed motor that can hold up to 55 pounds and an integrated rear infrared burner that provide up to a 16,000 BTU to provide plenty of heat to use in combination with the rotisserie for a slow-roasted luxury meal that only an open flame can provide.

Premium burner system – There’s premium cordierite ceramic burners with a commercial burner that are rated for up to 25,000 BTU and feature a lifetime warranty. Additionally, a unique ceramic radiant briquettes tray is found just above the burners to radiate heat evenly and efficiently to simulate cooking with charcoal for a professional-style grilling experience.

Spring-assisted hood – Has a lynx hood assisting technology that will assist in smooth and easy opening of the hood.

Stainless-steel grills – They provide premier platform of commercial grade 16 stainless-steel grilling grates.

Durability – Has one of the best durability compared to other grills and has a heavy duty welded construction that eliminates gaps where grease may collect.

A hot surface Ignition – A 12-volt DC electronic ignition process ensures an efficient and safe burner ignition for a long time use that’s also weather resistant. The heat stabilizing design provides steady performance when grilling.

Smoker Box – The added stainless-steel smoker box is made to fit just above the burners so that you’ll have the adored wood smoke flavor that will add to your meals taste. There’s also the added convenience this feature provides and the control of gas for unbelievable grilled food time.

If you’re new to the lynx grills, be sure to check this video of how to use the lynx Grills.

History of Lynx Grills

A group of entrepreneurial visionaries were the ones who came together and started this incredible accomplishment in 1996. They had been previously working for about 30 years making professional stainless-steel appliances but then met and decided to innovate their own masterpiece in a market that wasn’t tapped into back then.

The company started small with few products. Their aim was to make few products that were created to perfection and sold as high quality instead of several items that were of low quality. Soon enough, people started responding to their products and it then became known everywhere.

They created two lines of grills: Lynx Professional Grill and Lynx Sedona Grill.  Between the two, lynx professional grill is considered to be the better version grill that all serious chefs dream of. That’s not to say that the lynx Sedona grill isn’t good. It’s just more affordable and lacks some of the features the professional one has.