Having an incredible outdoor cooking event is a unique experience that brings joy to those involved, especially if the cooking is going well. Since the type of grill, you’re using is very important to the whole grilling experience, buying a quality grill is turning out as important as the cooking process itself.

And when it comes to the grilling world, at least one of the Alfresco grills should be definitely in your top 10 list. No other grill in the market offers the level of control, power and versatility the Alfresco grills have.

They are known for setting a standard for innovation in the outdoor kitchen appliance market throughout the years and have claimed more industry firsts and exclusive products than any other manufacturer. Alfresco is truly the definition of luxury in the kitchen. This is especially true with their ALXE 30-inch natural gas grill.

For the foodies, cooking equipment is a great deal important and extension to the creative mind. With these grills, you will have the potential to fuel your passion to go on to create an extraordinary meal.

The ALXE 30-inch grill just goes on to prove that top A performance and brilliant power can come in small packages with its compact, serious cooking space. They show unmatched originality with their state-of-the-art signature tasteTM integrated smoking system.

Overview of the product

Exclusive accufiretm heat system – 2, 18-SR stainless steel high-performance accufireTM main burners creates some of the highest temperatures in the industry. Moreover, it serves as a suspension system for ‘the ultimate grilled food” coming from your personalized outdoor kitchen. It also has a dual rows of corrosion-resistant, clean-combusting, double-lanced ports and a lifetime warranty.

Integrated mega driveTMrotisserie system with infrared burner – This flush-mounted 15000 rear ceramic infrared rotisserie together with the integrated mega driveTM motor system, makes a ridiculously easy task of rotisserie cooking.

Signature tasteTM integrated smoking system – The signature smoking system introduces a whole set of flavors for a great outdoor eat out. There’s also an additional vent that remove smoke at 2000 and guides it to the food zone and a drawer that holds chunks of wood and herbs.

3- position warming rack – This versatile warming rack stores up out of the way when rotissing and is perfect for above-the-grates cooking, food holding and warming.

Control panel lighting – A dual integrated high-intensity halogen work lights that projects rich amber beams of light and angles slightly toward the center of the cooking area. The lenses are removable with ease without tools.

Ignition system – A user-friendly, stainless-steel push-button ignition system with sealed 110AV AC power source is integrated into the front control panel.

Optional infrared sear zone – The ALXE 30 inch Alfresco amplifies the flavor for anything (e.g. filet mignon, chicken, sea food) you want to grill by locking in the juices. This high-tech sear zone burner cooks 50% faster with practically no flare-ups and goes up to 15000F in four minutes. You can also get enough of those mouthwatering natural juices, fats and great flavors from the food for a delectable meal with the help of the special V-shaped flavorizer cooking grates.

Heat protecting wiring – There’s a full length encapsulate wiring protection system that covers every wire. The connection point is with an incredible 6000 heat resistant silicon sleeving that ensures unmatched weather-resistant performance.

Available in LP or natural gas.

For a more detailed overview/information on the grill check this video.

Grilling accessories

  1. Steamer/fryer – You can steam, fry or even broil with steamer in any Alfresco grill
  2. Solid fuel inserts – The grill offers an option for cooking using wood or charcoal for a real woody cooking flavor by the presence of specially designed insert.
  3. Commercial griddle – A great accessory for this grill is a 3/16” solid stainless-steel griddle plate with integrated sides and backsplash that will be great for breakfast, fajitas or even delicious burgers.
  4. Indirect roasting rod – This Alfresco accessory is must have if you want to turn your grill into an excellent roasting oven. It holds the drip pan for self-basting and bring out an appetizing roasting flavor that comes when you slow roast the food.
  5. Cart-mounted dual side burner – The item swiftly attaches itself to any alfresco grill for an additional cooking versatility and features 2 top performance burners.
  6. Wind guards – Features stainless wind guards that integrate very well with the alfresco grill. Their function is to protect the grill from exposed windy areas that may affect the cooking process.

Ways to cook

There’s possibly no other grill that offers as many cooking options as this grill and all other alfresco grills.

The are in total 15 ways you can cook with this grill:

  1. grilling
  2. Roasting
  3. Boiling
  4. Searing
  5. Braising
  6. Teppanyaki
  7. Frying
  8. Grilling
  9. Baking
  10. Steaming
  11. Wok cooking
  12. Blanching
  13. Smoking
  14. Rotisserie cooking
  15. Griddle cooking
  16. Cold smoke roasting