With a combination of elegance and performance A qualities, this grill will turn your food into a touch of paradise. Nothing screams sophistication more than this stainless grill that’s within a beautiful stone island or better than a piece of steak basting on its rotisserie.

The S-660 is a large built-in model for Weber’s top of the line gas series. It has 6 stainless steel main burners and a lot of other extras and are a bit similar to the freestanding S-670.

They are an improvement from the weber genesis in all manners (Construction, price and performance) and have a slight upgrade from the summit S-440 grill hence cost more than those models.

The outer appearance of this grill is beautiful, they have great performance and have a bunch of great features that are brilliant, easy and are very effective.

You can use this as an outdoor grill in the condition that you provide a cover to protect it from the sun and rain.

Overview of The Weber Summit S-660 Grill

Steel burners – 6 main stainless-steel burners at 10,000 BTU each and one sear station burner at a 10,600 BTU found at the center. If the 6 burners are used in combination with the sear burner, the heat flux rating would be increased from 96.15 to 113.14.

Smoker box – one smoker box with a burner that produces 6800 BTUs is found at the right side of the cooking area.

Rotisserie – The S-660 comes with an AC powered rotisserie and a rear-mounted infrared burner.

Area – Primary cooking area of 624 square inches and removable warming rack of 145 square inches.

Ignition system – Snap-jet individual burner ignition system that’s activated by each individual control knob.

Infinite control burner valves.

Hood – There’s a stainless-steel lid with a thermometer, a polished handle and the hood is painted aluminum end caps.

Stainless steel flavorizer bars – These direct grease and drippings away from the burner tubes for the purpose of reducing flare ups. It also helps to add that extra “cooked on a grill” flavor.

Grease tray – Has a front access, stainless steel grease tray with a catch pan to make cleaning easier.

Storage – A grill cabinet with stainless steel doors is also included for storage needs when you want to.

Lights – Includes two battery powered grill out handle lights screwed on to the lid handle to illuminate the whole cooking surface. Additionally, the main control knobs are illuminated with a flick of a control panel switch.

Cooking grates – They have a serious 3/8-inch (9mm) diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates and a double layer of steel under the hood for extra insulation.

Carts – the 660 has a double door caster to move in and out of your installation for service and maintenance. It additionally comes with trim pieces and a concealer strip for an option to hide the wheels.

This grill has no side shelves and hence no side burner. However, there’s an optional dual side burner. Just like any summit, they are available in LP and NG models. The LP models have Weber ‘precision fuel gauge “. Simply hang the propane tank on the fuel gauge scale and it’ll measure the approximate level of your fuel and the weight in 20% increments.

The summit also has an extra set of water friendly vents just above the control panel instead of only the normal air vents all gas grills have. The cooking boxes are waterproof but be careful to take care of the carts because they aren’t. If left exposed to the rain, they’ll take in water and may funnel it to the grease pan inside the cart and cause quite a mess.

History of the Weber company

Weber barbecues grills are the number 1 barbeque brand in the market today and loved by millions all over the world and it all started with one man called George Stephen in 1952 when barbeque was a craze.

Back then, the popular grill design was the open charcoal brazier which often left the meat vulnerable to the weather. So, George created a closed, dome shaped one, took it home, made an air vent and it found out it worked.

Later on, he quit his job and started selling the new grills and became quite popular with everyone all over. From the modest start, weber grew to be an internationally recognized name in the grilling world starting a new era of grills.

Check this video out for a more details on Weber history.    

In October 2013, George Stephen was inaugurated into the barbeque hall of fame at the world series of barbeque championship events that took place in Kansas City. His son, Jim Stephen, who took over from George, was the one who accepted the award on the family’s behalf.