If there’s anything to be said about the napoleon grills, is that they sure know how to make grilling a lot easier. They have excellent construction from high quality components that makes it at the same level with the weber and broil-king grills.

Most grill makers don’t put much work on the cooking system which is the heart of any good grill and instead focus on putting more flash and substance on their grills.

The napoleon high-quality stainless-steel burners produce high evenly distributed heat while their porcelain coated cooking grates gives out excellent heat contact in a wave pattern.

Napoleon produce excellent grills without cutting any corners. This a grill without much extras that you usually see on many grills. However, they are very much dependable because of their exclusive engineering and sturdy components and are a practical choice if you’re willing to sacrifice fancy for quality.

You’ll know it’s a napoleon grill with its iconic WAVETM cooking grids that delivers a distinctive sear mark that people love.

The P500 is the most basic of the napoleon grills but still offer nothing less than 4 burner grills and all napoleon grill features that make this model so great.

With its new improve lighting and a more modern appearance, the P500 actually beats the older models. Overall, it’s a really reliable grill that’s made to juggle both quality and economical price with relative easiness.

Overview of The Product

4 Main burners – The burners feature a sturdy 304 stainless steel sear plates that provide even distribution of heat efficiently preventing cold spots cross the grilling surface and also protect the 4 main burners. The maximum BTUs produced is 12,000 BTU.

Rear infrared rotisserie burner – Heat from the rotisserie burner is perfect for high heat searing and slow spit roasting and the stainless-steel sear plates provides a great unique flavor.

Porcelain coated cooking grates – A solid 7.5 mm thick, iconic construction in a wave shape provides even heat transfer because the food will have more of its surface area in contact with the grates and also creates that signature sear marks that are incredibly attractive. It additionally prevents smaller foods like vegetables from falling through the cracks making things convenient for the user. They are also durable and can withstands the element.

Lights – You will never have to be left in the dark by accidentally leaving the gas on and know which burners are lit for the multi-zone grilling. The lights are easy to light and are quite straightforward. You simply just open the grill lid and push and twist the main burner knob to high until it lights.

Double-walled lid– this special double-walled built lid uses Centre-gravity to lit smoothly without extending past the back of the grill saving space and are made for durability purposes. It also ensures heat doesn’t get conducted to other area but stays within the grill head. Even better, they are extremely lightweight and contain a roll top that you can place almost anywhere.

Instant jet-fire ignition – This innovative and easy to use ignition system shoots a jet of flame to light each gas burner individually for quick start-ups every time.

Dual level stainless steel sear plates – The staggered set up creates even heat distribution and protects the burner plus giving out an extra flavor.

Accu-Probe Temperature gauge – They accurately gauge the temperature for optimal temperature control when grilling and are far more accurate than most hood grills on the market which have a bad reputation for poor temperature readings.

Charcoal cooking option – This is one of the cool features in this grill. I mean how often do you see an option for cooking with charcoal on a gas grill? The grills that actually have this option cost way more than this P500 so this grill is actually the most affordable among high-quality grills. Additionally, their charcoal tray also offers a wood chip section giving you an option of the flavors you want. Nonetheless, the cast iron charcoal tray isn’t included in the initial purchase of the grill but bought separately. There’s also an option of adding stainless steel smoker tube that will bring about that woody smoke flavor in food adding versatility to their grill.

Check this video of this Napoleon P500 review to know more.


  • Have high-quality stainless-steel burners
  • Produce even, versatile heating
  • Availability of heavy porcelain coated cooking grates
  • Generally, have quality construction.

Award Winning Products

The company was started by Wolfgang Schroeter in 1976 from Barrie, Ont.garage. Since then, they have continued to become a worldwide leader, selling grills in 34 countries and have won multiple awards.

Some of their award-winning products are:

  • 2019: Vesta Award Winner, Electric Products.
  • 2019: Vesta Award Finalist, Hearth? Barbecue Components and Controls
  • 2018: Vesta Award, Hearth Accessories
  • 2017: Vesta Award, Gas Products
  • 2017: Vesta Award, Best in Show.