The DCS company has managed to produce one of the best grills out there. Because of their durability, great value and amazing performance, their grills are often sought after by those with high-end outdoor kitchen doors.

But does the new 9 series evolution measure up to the standard they previously set?

If you’re fond of grilling often and are tired of your current grill, then you might want to consider this built-in DCS 9 series gas grill.

This perfect machine is built for those of you who want to cook like professionals in your home. It conveniently matches style with high level performance that will take your rusty grilling experience to the next level and provide the ultimate grilling space for your outdoor grilling.

There’s nothing that has been left out of this grills design. From its overall build, versatility and all the advanced features it has, grill lovers would just adore this masterpiece.

Overview of this grill

  1. All-in one gas grill, charcoal and smoker – This is one of the most exciting features of this grill. The charcoal and smoker tray are an innovation creation that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds by giving you the ability to cook and infuse flavor with the charcoal/wood chips without having to manually start and maintain the fire. You simply just have to insert the tray over any burner after removing the cooking grates and then fill the tray with charcoal or wood chips.
  2. Evenly distributed temperature without cold spots – This uniquely DCS ceramic radiant rods provides intense and even heat across the grilling surface. They make sure that there’s no cold spots on your grill when cooking. Each of the 4 burners has a powerful 25,000 BTU output rating that would mean precise temperature control ranging from 300°to 1,100° F. With this incredible feature, you’re basically able to sear across the entire grill surface instead of only one burner. How great is that?
  3. Patented technology that reduces the amount of flare ups – the rods are made in a way that they have a sort of a self-cleaning effect that reduces flare-ups by rotating downwards with the weight of dripping grease. It is backed up by a U-shaped grill grate that’ll catch grease and funnel it down to a grease trap.
  4. Multiple grate types for different foods – DCS have made each side of the grate in such a way to handle different types of food. Simply flip on the other side instead of having to purchase another to handle fish and vegetables.
  5. Powerful Rotisserie – This series has the most powerful rotisserie on the market and can easily handle meats that weigh up to 50 pounds. The rotisserie burners have 18,000 BTU output rating.
  6. Convenient design – Everything in these 9 series has been built to make your grilling experience easier and better. These small things make the overall experience enjoyable. For example:
  7. Easy lifting hood-when using it, you’ll notice how the hood opens easily due to a tensioned coil system and how it opens widely to give you plenty of grill surface visibility.
  8.      Big cooking area – It gives more cooking area for a crowd with a secondary cooking space that you can fit a broiling pan for roasting, cooking or even to keep your warm after searing.
  9. Intuitive lighting – A 12 volt brilliantly illuminates the cooking surface while emitting a welcome glow around the whole grill. The bezel lighting glows white when the lights or the grill are on and orange when the gas and grill is working.

You can check this DCS 9 series grill review for more information.

History of the Company     

But what is their history? If you want to buy this particular grill you may be inclined to want to know about the previous grills and the overall company history. Which is great because knowledge of a company’s history is actually pretty important when you want to buy their product. So, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The company was founded in1989 by a group of appliances engineers. In 2004, the company was acquired by a well-known innovator and long-standing state of art manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand called Fisher & Paykel. It has continued using innovation and engineering to pioneer their outdoor grilling industry for two decades now.

They are actually the leading provider of professional outdoor grills and are continuing to redefine the standard for high-end, commercial quality cooking equipment and decks around the world today.

Overly, their grills are powerful, heavy duty design, have innovative features and an attractive appearance and are one of the best grills money can buy.