Even though every outdoor kitchen space is dependent on each individual, it’s quite known that the main foundation of many outdoor kitchens is the grill. The coyote company understands that variation of grills is liked by different people because of different cooking needs and desires. They are recognized of their great breadth of cooking products to cater for different people’s needs. Their grills are actually made of different sizes, style and even BBQ islands.

Coyote grills tend to be on the higher spectrum of the grilling world and are considered to be well worth their price. They are recognized as premium grills in both terms of price and quality.

All coyote S series and especially this model features 304 stainless steel construction and are each finished by hand. They have unique cooking system including high performance infinity burnersTM, ceramic briquette heat control grids for even heat distribution, a custom shaped firebox to optimize heat flow, independent spark ignition, interior grill lighting and backlit control knobs.

It has everything you need if you also consider the extra cabinet space and the inbuilt stand on wheels and are quite simple a product to make your outdoor kitchen the envy of your region. Who wouldn’t want this masterpiece!


  1. 2 Infinity Burners – They have high-quality durable burners that is made of stainless steel. The high-performance burners deliver high heat that seals the flavor in your food and has lasting durability.
  2. Coyote RapidsearTM Infrared Burner – The infrared rapid searburner has great searing power that provides extra high heat, allowing you to sear steaks and chops before fully cooking it if you like.
  3. Cooking Area – The grill has about 700 square inches of cooking area.
  4. Total Power Rating – It provides a total of Up to 70,000 BTU of output. 55,000 BTU comes from the 3 burners and 15,000 BTUs from rotisserie.
  5. Ceramic Briquette Heat Control Grids – Helps to spread the heat evenly throughout your cooking space.
  6. Complete 304 Stainless Steel Construction – The grill itself is made of continuously wielded stainless-steel grill box with seamless, polished edges for durability.
  7. Interior Grill Lights – this grill also has internal halogen lights that will help you to see what you’re doing during your outdoor night cookout.
  8. Ceramic Briquettes – ceramic briquette trays distribute heat evenly across grilling surface
  9. LED Illuminated Knobs – The backlit LED control knobs offers a bit of a visibility during the night.
  10. Rotisserie Kit and Smoker Box – Has a superb rotisserie system with one read infrared burner that allows you to slow roast your food into perfection. An additional smoker box helps to infuse food with the smoked flavor that you will love.
  11. Wind Guards -To protect the grill from exposed windy areas that may affect the cooking process. This item is optional.
  12. Ceramic Flavorizers – Has flavorizers for adding that grilled food taste to your meal. They also prevent flare-ups and create even heating.

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  1. Laser-cut signature grates fabricated for the perfect combination of surface area, airflow and heat penetration
  2. 304 stainless steel charcoal trays
  3. Option of free-standing version
  4. Available for natural gas or propane
  5. 14” stainless steel drop-in griddle
  6. Custom fit weather resistant cover available
  7. An insulated jacket available for installation next to combustible surfaces.


  1. Freestanding grill
  2. 700 square inches of cooking area
  3. An incredible total power rating of 70,000 BTU.
  4. Infrared searing technology
  5. Ceramic briquettes for even heat distribution.


  1. Rotisserie burner can be challenging to light.

About the company

Coyote outdoor living started with a man called Jim Ginocchi in Dallas, TX. Since founded, it has continued evolving to be a single resource, allowing people to raise their outdoor style standard.

The company is known for their innovative development and design of high-quality, all stainless-steel grills and accessories and provide people with tools to build the outdoor kitchen of their dreams. Their advanced products offer the best of the best affordable luxury experience for you outdoor cooking lovers.

A super media super star, Farah Merhi of Inspire Me! Home Décor, gave a stamp of approval for a new coyote grill island. The Coyote pellet grill is opening a new generation of outdoor cooking with its superior functionality of a high-end oven, versatility and the classic look. With features like the state-of-the-art digital touch screen, 3 food temperature probes and the range of even heat settings, its no wonder it won a Vesta Award in its category at the HPBExpo in march 2019.